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Wishing you all a Happy New Year ahead with lots of happiness, strength and that all your goals you have been working for unfold in 2021.

This past year has been challenging for us all to say the least ! However, whatever life throws at us, we are learning that we have no choice but to try and make the best out of each situation. I decided to spend a lot of time in the kitchen learning new hobbies like cooking and doing live cooking classes, which was my meditation. It helped me to relax and be in the moment, and be less in the past or in the future worrying. I also challenged myself by doing live online yoga classes and live interviews, which at first was nerve-wracking but now I love giving online classes and helping my students worldwide to heal, grow and evolve. Many of us never felt so alone but this helped me to go within, self-reflect and find inner happiness. Of course it can be scary and tough, as we have less outside entertainment and distractions but this is what we need sometimes to grow. It's a journey and I am still working on it each day.

This year, let’s bring what we learnt and love, laugh, smile, not have regrets and remember the beautiful moments we had as much as we can but above all live and enjoy the now !

Wishing you all the very best and let’s rock 2021!


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