First of all, thank you for visiting my page!


I'm very happy to see you here and be able to share my love and passion for yoga, well-being and above all my zest for life.

Where it all started :

I was introduced to yoga in May 2014 on a (partially silent) yoga retreat in the Jura mountains and completely fell in love with the world of yoga. It was four days of bliss despite the early alarm clock before sunrise and the many hours of silence, but I felt so re-energized and at the same time at such peace with myself, that I became completely hooked! I didn't think that yoga would entirely suit me, as I could never sit still but I soon came to realize how much I needed it in my everyday life. Yoga helped me to feel such balance, inner peace and strength not only in my body but also in my mind. I can say that to this day it was a major shift in my life, propelling me in the right direction. I feel I am on the right path as I am rediscovering and challenging myself everyday as well as helping my students excel and blossom on and off the mat!

I'm now a certified (RYT 400) Yoga Alliance teacher. I completed the Yogalife's Teacher Training Course held by Sanjeev Bhanot in 2016, followed Thai Yoga Massage courses in order to gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and took part in Antastha Yoga Workshops to develop an holistic and spiritual approach to yoga. I then followed the "Rainbow Yoga" Teacher Training course, where I learnt how to make yoga fun for children and completed the (RYT 100) Yogalife's Advanced Teacher Training Course to further my knowledge. In 2019, I became an assistant teacher in the Yogalife's Advanced Teacher Training Course in Geneva and in Spain. 

I am currently following a course on energy medicine yoga and on how to heal the body with yoga and breath-work. I'm currently teaching at the WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION, at LA RESERVE and at the FOUR SEASONS.

Yoga has definitely opened up new doors, new perspectives and a passion to live a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle, which I hope to share with you one day on the yoga mat !