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Thanks so much Nadine for the great yoga today! It truly makes a difference in the quality of my life and my mental state which is a gift for me, and to all the people who work for me and for Missy! You are an excellent teacher and you should feel great about what you are doing. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon ! 

David D (CEO - Private student)

Nadine is an excellent yoga teacher, very professional and caring. Practices are energetic and relaxing depending on the class mood and needs. Namasté

Rob F (World Trade Organization)

I warmly recommend Nadine for anyone who wants to learn and/or practice yoga.

She pays attention to your overall health condition before starting the class and she adapts easily to your need whether you're looking for a more relaxing or energizing session. I always feel better after the session and it helps to decrease the stress level in general.

Louise D (JTI - Japan Tobacco International)

Disponible, précise, douce, à l’écoute de ses élèves et des cours sont très variés.

Un bien être assuré à chaque fin de cours. Je ne peux que la recommander. 😊👍 

Merci Nadine !

Liliana L (Banque Lombard Odier & Cie S.A)

Très à l'écoute, Nadine utilise son intuition et ses connaissances au service de ses élèves. Sa grande douceur, sa capacité d'adaptation lui permettent de transmettre un enseignement équilibré.

Merci Nadine!

Dominique F (Berger, van Berchem & Cie)

Nadine ignited a passion in Yoga for me! I never enjoyed it before I came to her class. She offers a good mix of relaxation and strength/toning exercises in Hatha Yoga. I highly recommend her and I can’t wait for my next session with Nadine!

Valerie C (ALIVE studio)

Nadine is hands down one of the best Yoga teachers I ever worked with. Not only do her trainings combine the perfect mix of strength and relaxation, but I absolutely love the tone of her voice which is so soothing and just wonderful to listen to

Patricia R (Startup Genome)

Je viens de commencer le yoga et j'apprécie énormément l'apprendre avec Nadine. Elle est excellente professeure, patiente, explique très bien, avec une voix calme et relaxante. J'adore le yoga grâce a elle, me fait sentir bien. Merci Nadine (Translated by Google) I have just started yoga and I really enjoy learning it with Nadine. She is an excellent teacher, patient, explains very well, with a calm and relaxing voice. I love yoga because of it, makes me feel good. Thank you Nadine

Caterina A (L'escalet)

I participated to several virtual yoga classes from different teachers and Nadine was one of the best! The routine benefits both your mind and body as it includes breathing, stretching, strength and relaxation. I felt extremely well doing it and even better afterwards. My regular attendance to her Hatha Yoga classes helped me to improve on various aspects such as flexibility, arms, shoulders and thigh strength. Nadine explains very well the asanas and her professionalism is exemplary! I recommend attending Nadine's yoga classes to anyone who would like to practice Hatha Yoga

Maylis C (Pictet bank)

Hard working and dedicated yogi! Hungry to learn and full of curiosity. I Highly recommended her.

Sanjeev B. (Yoga Life International)

I strongly recommend Nadine’s classes!

She is a very professional teacher and cares for all during the yoga lessons. Found it to be a great way to relax and will definitely attend more yoga :)


Un prof fantastique, à l'écoute, qui s'adapte ses cours en fonction du besoin de ses élèves. Mon dos lui dit merci et moi aussi!! Je la recommande chaleureusement!

Ilham V (TV presenter)

I started yoga as a complete novice one year ago. Nadine was exceptionally encouraging and inclusive in her classes and I have been a regular ever since. For anyone considering whether to try yoga, I would highly recommend attending one of Nadine’s classes. With Nadine’s teaching I am sure it will become an important part of your health and fitness regime.

Phil L (Landscape designer)

Thanks for 3 great sessions of yoga Nadine! David and I really enjoyed the sessions. You are a fantastic instructor and a real difference maker in life. We really look forward to seeing you the next time we are in Geneva for yoga.

Missy D

Très bon cours de yoga que je recommande pour ceux qui veulent un cours tout en douceur et en relaxation. Ça m à permis de me détendre le dos que j ai souvent un peu bloqué et de ressortir complètement relax . Merci Nadine!

Johann S

Je suis arrivée aux transformations physiques et mentales tout en douceur après les cours avec Nadine qui est toujours à l’écoute. Merci!

Aleksandra L (Phyts)

Nadine is a great teacher with positive energy, always cautious about individual limitations and aiming to make the body and mind feel aligned.

I highly recommend her!

Laura H

Very good for beginners. I like the customized approach, she always ask for specific needs before each class. She also teaches in French.

Tarcisio R

Nadine is such a great teacher! I felt so good after the class 🙏🏻 

Can’t wait to come back. 

Daniela C (Model)

Je recommande les cours de Nadine. Elle est très professionnelle, très douce. Les cours sont très complets et toujours différents. Il y a toujours différentes sortes de salutations, de la respiration pour lutter contre le stress. A la fin de chaque séance, je suis toujours détendue et en pleine forme.
Merci Nadine!

Constance D


The class with Nadine last evening was great. Nice environment and atmosphere and a great balanced yoga session. Nadine is very professional and she knows what she teaches and cares very well for her Students. I felt very good, relaxed and all parts of my body were in movement during the class. Exactly what I needed. Well done, Nadine!

Sandra R (Yoga teacher)


Nadine's yoga classes are well structured, easy to follow and a lot of fun! I had a great experience and would love to go again.

For anyone who is looking for a skilled and devoted yoga teacher: check out Nadine's yoga classes!💕

Anna H

highly recommend Nadine !

After her sessions, I feel fantastic and full of energy! 

Nina K (Jewellery designer)

I liked the way Nadine explains the benefits and purpose of each pose. Her manner provides constant encouragement and offers care, her voice with her lovely British accent spreads a soft melody across the entire room. For one hour, Nadine disconnects us from the outside world and realigns us to our inner-selves. I highly recommend Nadine! She is an excellent teacher !

Antoine T (Tortorici & Partners Sàrl)

Thank you for a lovely class Nadine ! Feeling energized and strong for the afternoon ! 

Emma F 

We had a wonderful class with Nadine thank you. She is honestly great! 

Helen A

I really enjoyed the class Nadine gave the other day! It was exactly what I needed. It's impressive how she manages to switch from English to French so easily whilst teaching and correcting postures.


Top de la sérénité ! 

Myriam E

Relaxing and soothing voice of the teacher ! 

Dorota K

Great teacher! Creative, patient, engages with teens easily!

Pritha M (Child and Adolescent Counseling)


Google Reviews

"Nadine Graves is a very talented yoga teacher. And a wonderful person. She manages to make you feel at ease from the outset, irrespective of your yoga level. Even as a beginner, you will leave her class with that feeling of focus and restfulness that will perdure throughout your day. You should try it for yourself."

- Nicolas B.

"Nadine is a really experienced, warm and accommodating yoga teacher. I really enjoy her classes!"

- Isabella Farrar

"Nadine is all I could expect from a yoga teacher. Caring, experienced, professional, adaptive and very friendly. She really helps me improve myself one course after another. I highly recommend her classes."

- Olivier Guigues

"Nadine is an excellent yoga instructor. I mainly practiced Hatha with her and her classed are very relaxing and well balanced. Her voice is also very soothing. A great way to unwind after work. Highly recommended."

- Nathalie Khaw

"Nadine is a very friendly and professional yoga teacher. Online sessions are well prepared and really help to relax and get energized after a day of work or to start your day."

- Roberta Martinelli

"Nadine is a skilled and excellent yoga teacher. Both her voice and her instructions are both soothing and encouraging. Nadine, is clearly passionate and well informed when it comes to Yoga . Her class is the perfect way to start the day."

- Pritha Mani

"I recomend Nadine for her kindness and professionalism and because she is always very pro-asking the people what is that we want to do in the class or what part of the body do we want to work more and i feel like her energy is really calming and inspiring. Am looking forward to make more classes with her. 🙏"

- Diana Cherri

"Nadine's virtual prenatal yoga classes were a wonderful way to stay relaxed and in shape throughout my pregnancy. My baby and I now enjoy our 'baby/mumma' classes in the park!"

- Shannon Kilgore Chainey

"Thank you Nadine for this morning yoga session! My team and myself were pleased to start our working day with a great awakening session."

- Eric Mayer

"Great classes, I really enjoyed them! Nadine has a calm and relaxing voice!"

- Anna Tin

"Loved the classes, Nadine has a superb experience and deep relaxing voice perfect for savasana."

- Pascal Reymond

"Wonderful Yoga teacher with lots of experience who knows how to share her passions with her yogis... We feel SUPER re-energized after the course (in our bodies and minds). I highly recommend !!!"

- Antoine Tortorici

"Nadine est à l’écoute de ses élèves et offre un vrai suivi. Une belle expérience de yoga qui apporte un réel mieux être au quotidien !"

- Anne Cervantes

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