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I love to take care of my health to feel full of energy for my classes and to be able to give back more to others.  

See below my favorite daily essentials 

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Nadine is an Alliance Certified International yoga teacher, based in Switzerland, who also travels to share her passion. She has been trained by Sanjeev Bhanot and is constantly learning to grow as a teacher. She believes that being a teacher means being a 'lifetime student'. She is eager to learn everyday and share her knowledge with her fellow students. She feels deeply that yoga has the power to transform people's lives as it did for her own life! 

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"Yes the human interaction gives me so much energy and makes my classes more meaningful! I work with all kinds of interesting people you might not maybe imagine doing yoga. Many CEO’s are doing yoga these days. I teach quite a few of them and I believe I help them enormously as they have a lot of social pressure, work pressure and daily stress."

- Nadine Graves

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