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Retreat 11-13th of March 2022

I’m super excited to inform you that I’m organising a yoga retreat in a magical setting in the Jura mountains to feel more balanced,  stronger and feel your very best in your body, mind and soul.  I will be collaborating with Dominique who is specialised in kundalini and energy medicine yoga. 

The programme will consist of meditation, hatha and kundalini yoga. We will guide you through our programme with healthy tips and of how to always listen to your inner wisdom. We will also make adjustments and tell you what’s right for your body. Through yoga we can reach our goals without causing harm to our body as we learn to listen to our body and to our inner-voice. 

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11-13th MARCH

Join the Retreat to;

  • Get stronger

  • Get healthier

  • Feel your very best with good energy

  • Listen to your inner-wisdom and your inner-voice

  • Find answers from within 

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Hi, I am really looking forward to giving my first yoga retreat in the Jura Mountains to help you restore your health and increase your energy !

We will work on boosting the immune system after the winter months and guide you how to feel more balanced and stronger in the body and the mind.


I will also give you tips on how to incorporate yoga and well-being into your daily life.



Hi, I am Dominique. I teach kundalini and energy medicine yoga online, in studios and at retreats. My programmes are aimed to make people feel stronger, lighter and peaceful.

Join our retreat to feel your very best.


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